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The Difference Between a Real Custom Ring and a Pretender

The Difference Between a Real Custom Ring and a Pretender

There are a bunch of online jewelers out there who claim that they create “bespoke” rings. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that they’re selling the same rings they always have, just with a small amount of limited options. For example, one big online jeweler allows you to select a mounting and a diamond, but if you want to create something from scratch, you’re out of luck. They’re trying to convince couples that they’re getting something unique, but they’re really just changing how they present the rings they already have in stock. Don’t fall for it.

When we say we create one-of-a-kind custom rings, we actually mean it. Our couples design their ring together with the help and guidance of an experienced jewelry designer. The design process is a collaborative endeavour that brings the couple together and allows them to express their personalities and shared values. Then the ring is crafted right here in the US by our expert goldsmiths who have decades of experience. And because we make our rings in the US, we can create them much faster than our competitors who manufacture overseas with questionable quality control. We make sure each of our rings is exceptionally well crafted, and we keep you updated the whole way.

But why design a custom ring from scratch when you just get one “off the shelf?” Well, couples often tell us how much they love knowing that their ring is one-of-a-kind - they’re never going to run into someone who has the same ring. They also find that the experience of collaborating with each other through the design process brings them closer and strengthens their relationship. But perhaps most importantly, our couples believe that their relationship is a unique and special partnership, so their ring should be just as unique as their love story.

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