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Why We Give You a Custom Replica Ring for a “Test Drive”

Why We Give You a Custom Replica Ring for a “Test Drive”

We want you to feel totally sure of your decision before you make it final, so we send you a replica ring to try out at home that looks and feels exactly like the real thing. Our replicas are created with the same production process as your real ring, we just use non-precious metals and imitation gemstones. And the replica is yours to keep, so once your real ring arrives, the replica becomes your “adventure ring!”

The beauty of the replica ring is it allows you to experience not only how the ring looks and feels, but if you’re the wearer you can see how it fits in with your everyday life. How does it feel when you’re typing all day at work? What about when you’re lifting weights at the gym, or out on a bike ride? How does it work with your other jewelry and key pieces in your wardrobe? This is your chance to feel totally certain that this is the perfect ring for you, and your lifestyle.

Another benefit of our replica ring experience is that it takes all the stress out of the decision-making process. Instead of a stuffy jewelry store where you’re under pressure to decide, you can make the decision-making process a fun and collaborative shared experience. Try the ring out on a date at your favorite restaurant, take it up a mountain on a hike, or share it with family and friends and enjoy their reactions. This is the modern way to decide on an engagement ring - it’s collaborative, fun, and we think you’re going to love it.

Couples often tell us later on how much they appreciate having the replica to use as their adventure ring. Maybe they’re going rock-climbing on their honeymoon, they’re really into swimming, or they just love having a ring that they can wear anywhere without worrying about damaging it. It’s another unique part of the Wove experience that makes us truly couples-first.

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